Originality AI Review

Originality AI Review

Whatever your stance on the subject, if you are a web publisher in 2023, you will have to deal with artificial intelligence material.

Because the phrase in issue has a low difficulty score in Ahrefs’ database, your freelancers, content services, or even in-house content writers will be tempted to try it out the next time you assign them a tiresome SEO assignment.

On the other side, if you’re being offered AI-generated content, you’re presumably curious about it.

As a result, I put the Originality AI AI Detection tool through its paces in a number of demanding circumstances to see if it can identify content produced by GPT-3 and ChatGPT.

Is it possible for AI to assist you in capturing AI?

As you can see, the results were fairly… unexpected.

What exactly is Originality.AI all about?

What is the definition of originality? What exactly is AI?

Originality.ai bills itself as artificial intelligence content detection software. It evaluates the information you supply and assigns a score. The score is determined using a sliding scale ranging from 0 to 100. If the AI score is high, it means that the content was most likely generated by artificial intelligence.

Despite the fact that the software’s developers pitch it primarily as an AI detection tool, I’ve found that it serves my purposes better as a content quality checker. I go into more information about it below, in the section under “Most potent use for me.”

As of GPT 3.0, the primary natural language processing model prior to ChatGPT/GPT 3.5, the company claims a 94% success rate in detecting text written by AI.

GPT 3.0 was used by a variety of well-known artificial intelligence applications prior to the release of ChatGPT.

How precise is the Originality AI system?

It’s presently in the beta testing phase. It is not absolutely correct. I ran some stuff that I was aware was NOT AI, but the system still awarded it a high grade for AI. It has a propensity to produce false positives.

But in my opinion, that’s a positive development. Because of this, it is not only a software for detecting AI but also a software that checks the quality of information. The stuff that scored highly for artificial intelligence was not very good at all.

And this brings up a very significant topic. Simply omitting AI from a piece of writing does not guarantee that it is of high quality.

Checking for artificial intelligence is important, but you should also look into the game’s overall quality. Because of this, I’m really looking forward to using this software, as preliminary tests have shown that it does a decent job of distinguishing between quality levels of fantastic, good, average, and crap.

Moving forward, every piece of material will be run via this technology, and the writers will be expected to reach a predetermined score. I have not yet decided what the appropriate score for it will be… I’ll figure it out by feeding the majority of my successful articles into it and seeing what happens.

Innovative A.I. Characteristics

It is currently in the beta testing stage. It is not entirely correct. I ran some stuff that I knew wasn’t AI, yet the algorithm still gave it a high AI rating. It is prone to producing false positives.

But, in my perspective, this is a good thing. As a result, it is not only a software for identifying AI, but it is also a software for checking the quality of information. The material that received high marks for artificial intelligence was not particularly good.

And this brings up an important point. Simply leaving AI out of a piece of writing does not guarantee its excellence.

While looking for artificial intelligence is vital, you need also consider the overall quality of the game. As a result, I’m looking forward to employing this software, as preliminary tests suggest that it distinguishes between quality levels of outstanding, good, mediocre, and trash.

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Moving forward, every piece of content will be run through this algorithm, and writers will be expected to achieve a certain score. I haven’t decided what the right score should be… I’ll figure it out by feeding it the vast majority of my popular pieces and watching what occurs.

Originality AI — AI Detector

The AI Content Scanner and AI Detector is a really straightforward piece of software. It merely generates a score for artificial intelligence detection. On a scale ranging from 0 to 100, the score is derived, with 100 indicating an absence of any artificial intelligence.

At this time, there is no way to check how Originality is being used.

The score was generated by AI, or you may get comments on particular sections of the text. The tool has just been released, so I anticipate that they will add this capability at some point in the future as it develops.

The purpose of AI is to paste in individual sections of your message one at a time. In this method, you will be able to determine whether a certain piece is likely to cause problems and then revise it to reword phrases or add in new content.

Checks for Possible Plagiarism

AI also provides a plagiarism detecting tool. The cost is comparable to that of Copyscape, the most popular plagiarism checker on the market.

They also provide a table with examples of plagiarism found by the technology. Indeed, their home page was a dead ringer in every way! It was correct in stating that the content had been plagiarized, however I’m not sure why the aggregate score was just 80%.

Complete Site Analysis of Originality.

The full site scan functionality of AI is not yet available, but the development team stated in a press release that it would be available in the near future.

The AI scanner will search a website for duplicate content as well as content generated by AI.
People interested in purchasing websites, as well as publishers who want to do content audits, will find this option highly useful.

Because the company’s charges are so low (as you’ll see in the following section), even a large website with 1,000 blog entries that are each 2,000 words long would only have to pay $400 for a full website scan.

Filter for the quality

In spite of the fact that I have only tested a small number of articles so far, I have noticed that the content that I consider to be my strongest consistently receives very high scores for its degree of originality.

Even if the content was not generated by AI, articles that are repetitive and dull receive lower originality scores. scores that are above average but not exceptional in between.

The results thus far indicate that it is a filter of satisfactory quality. As a result of the fact that you can onboard a team, you can mandate that your writers make use of it.

Predictor of search engine rankings

I haven’t conducted a sufficient number of tests to determine whether or not this software can accurately forecast whether or not material will, but I will be conducting experiments this week.

When I say this, what I mean is that I want to determine whether or not the articles that generate the most traffic from my site consistently receive high originality scores, and whether or not the content that does not perform well receives low originality scores. This software has the potential to be utilized as a predictor of ranks and traffic if, after extensive testing, it is found to produce the desired results.

This would have an incredible amount of power.

Originality Pricing

The wonderful news just keeps on coming. It will cost you $.01 for every 100 words. You pay as you go (my fave pricing for software). Ten cents will get you an article of one thousand words. If you discover that this provides good quality control for your site, then in my opinion, that is a very small price to pay.

Originality AI Pros & Cons Pros

You simply need to copy and paste your material into the box, and it will immediately provide you with a score.

Originality was the only one of the AI Content Detectors on the market that passed my tests.

AI was by far the most accurate of all the tools (for an example, see the image in the part below titled “Originality.AI Alternatives”).

The prices are really reasonable. For instance, the base plan of Surfer SEO includes coverage for around 240,000 words per year at a cost of $588 per year. Using Originality. It would cost 24 dollars for AI to detect content that was generated by AI and had the same word count.


You won’t be given any insight into which parts of your content the technology identified as including AI because it doesn’t provide that information. The value would skyrocket if the tool highlighted areas where there was room for development.

The authors do not disclose any of the criteria that are used to determine whether or not to flag the content. In the case study part that follows, you’ll find that I was able to do some reverse engineering on it, but there’s not much transparency behind their approach.

There is no capability to perform benchmarking. It would be useful to display, along with the search results, any other AI-generated content that was present, along with the content scores that corresponded to it.

FAQs Regarding Originality

Does Originality.ai Provide a Free Trial Version of Its Service?

To be honest, no. When you install their Chrome Extension, you will automatically receive 10 free credits; however, if you use the actual website version, you will not receive any free credits.

Is Originality.ai Capable of Providing a Lifetime Discount?

Unfortunately, in order to access material, you will need to make a separate payment of credits each time. After signing up through our link, Gold Penguin readers are eligible to receive a discount of 25% off credit purchases by entering the coupon code 25Penguin at checkout.

What Kind of AI Is Originality Capable of Detecting?

Originality.ai is able to identify content that was produced by ChatGPT, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-J, and GPT-Neo.

When Conducting Content Analysis, Is There a Minimum Number of Words Needed?

Yes, in order to check for AI, you will need to enter at least 50 words. If you want to use the Chrome extension, you have to choose at least 100 different terms.

Does Changing Content to Be More Original Help Changes Made by AI?

No. They only provide AI detection and detection of plagiarism. They will not truly assist you in changing the information so that it is unnoticeable.

Originality AI Alternatives

The following is the headline that was used for AI’s press release: “…The First AI Tool Available to Detect Content Created by Popular AI Writing Tools.” In spite of this, several new competitors have entered the market in recent years.

I examined and tested all of them in our best AI content detectors post. Originality.

AI provided the best findings, although another tool (Content at Scale’s AI Detector) had reasonable accuracy:

There are also numerous of plagiarism checkers on the market, therefore I’ll go through them here too!

AI Content Detectors

Content at Scale AI Detector

Content at Scale is an AI content generating service that produces full-length, SEO-optimized blog articles in a few clicks without human intervention.

Given that they focus on providing content that can pass AI detection tests, they have a vested interest in creating an accurate AI detection tool, and make it available on their website for everyone to use. As far as free tools go, it’s fairly excellent.

Overall, it was the second-most accurate tool in our tests. It’s free, but limits you to roughly 400 words. Still, it’s useful for evaluating short-form stuff like HARO query replies.

Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Copyleaks offers a whole range of services to help content marketers, agencies, and enterprises develop and manage high-quality content. They constructed their own AI content detector, possibly as a lead generation tool.

While the tool wasn’t very accurate in our testing, it is the only free tool with no word count constraints.

Plagiarism Checkers


Grammarly is one of my favorite writing tools and delivers fantastic grammatical and language suggestions. They also give a plagiarism checker within their product.

Grammarly’s premium offerings, which include their plagiarism detector, start at $12/month. It’s more expensive than Originality. AI yet delivers a whole distinct set of features.


Copyscape is the world’s most prominent plagiarism checker. Many freelance writing job advertisements will require writers to check for plagiarism using Copyscape.

Copyscape costs 3 cents for the first 200 words and 1 cent for every 100 words beyond that. The pricing is basically the same as Originality. AI, other from the extra payment for the first 200 words.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a data-driven tool that helps web publishers develop optimal content for SEO. The company’s defining feature is a 0–100 SEO score, which rates content quality and relevancy for a particular keyword. They also offer a keyword research tool, a “grow flow” option, and a SERP analyzer.

Surfer includes a free plagiarism detector within their subscription. Their standard package costs $59/month, with a savings if you prepaid annually. Like Grammarly, it’s more pricey than Originality. AI but delivers another distinct set of features.

Conclusion / TLDR

Most of the time, the tool tells the right tale and detects AI material, nevertheless, it can be misled.

You probably only should interrogate writers if many works have been detected by the technology.

However, let’s be honest. Most AI-generated content doesn’t have much thought behind it and will probably get uncovered.

The fact that this is workable at a small scale as a SAAS tool doesn’t mean it’s sustainable for Google in terms of costs and value, especially considering the fair rate of false positives.

Nonetheless, if you combine this to the fact that OpenAI is working on a watermark system for AI material, this can lead us to question the long-term viability of the new “programmatic SEO” trend.