Grow Your Linkedin Profile Faster w/ “Auto Follow” Links

Grow Your Linkedin Profile Faster w/ “Auto Follow” Links

Most people have links to their social media accounts all over the place:

  • Website navbars, footers, blog posts

  • Other social media accounts

  • Linktrees

  • etc.

And if you do, great — but you’re missing out on some easy wins.

Because you’re probably linking like this:


Do this instead: 👇

Instead of linking directly to your Linkedin profile URL..

Use a “follow link” so the user gets automatically prompted to follow to you when the page loads!

linkedin auto follow link

How to make a Linkedin “Follow Link”

There are 2 ways to get this link:

  1. You can get it from the Linkedin GUI

  2. You can just build the URL

👎 You must have “Creator mode” turned “On” to get link from the GUI

👍 You don’t need“Creator mode” turned to“On” to build the URL

First ill show you how to get it from the Linkedin GUI, then I’ll break down how to make the URL (because honestly it’s faster that way).

Method 1: Get it from the Linkedin GUI

Method 2: Build the URL path

All you have to do to get this “Confirm to follow YourName on Linkedin” screen is to adjust the URL you link with!

Let’s break it down into 4 parts:

  1. The base URL

  2. The sub-directory URL path

  3. The URL query parameter

  4. Your username

Part 1: The base URL

Part 2: The new sub-directory path


Part 3: The query parameter


Part 4: Your username


So instead of this:

You get this:

How do you remember all that?


Use a link shortener, like!

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Cheers & stay funky my friends 🦩