Grow Your Twitter Account Faster w/ “Follow Intent” Links

Grow Your Twitter Account Faster w/ “Follow Intent” Links

Most people have links to their social media accounts all over the place:

  • Website navbars, footers, blog posts
  • Other social media accounts
  • Linktrees
  • etc.

And if you do, great — but you’re missing out on some easy wins.

Because you’re probably linking like this:


Do this instead:

Instead of linking directly to your Twitter account URL..

Use a “follow intent link” so the user gets automatically prompted to follow your account when the page loads!

All you have to do to get this auto “follow me” pop-up on page load is to make a simple adjustment to the URL.

Before your twitter handle, add:intent/follow?screen_name=

So instead of this:

Do this:

☝ And of course, always use a link so you have better tracking on how effective your marketing is!

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