Grow Your YouTube Channel Faster w/ “Subscribe” Links

Grow Your YouTube Channel Faster w/ “Subscribe” Links

Most people have links to their social media accounts all over the place:

  • Website navbars, footers, blog posts
  • Other social media accounts
  • Linktrees
  • etc.

And if you do, great — but you’re missing out on some easy wins.

Because you’re probably linking like this:


Do this instead:

Instead of linking directly to your YouTube account URL..

Use a “subscribe link” so the user gets automatically prompted to subscribe to your channel when the page loads!

All you have to do to get this auto “subscribe to my channel” pop-up on page load is to add 1 simple thing to the end of the URL:


So instead of this:

Do this:

☝ And of course, always use a link so you have better tracking on how effective your marketing is!

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